Academic Staff development in India is part of the career advancement of Teachers in Colleges and Universities. They need an orientation in the Philosophy, Sociology and Economic aspects of higher education. The more relevant and useful part of the orientation of the teachers in the 21st century is in the area of techniques of teaching. The Teacher should understand first the psychology of the learner, the learning situation and the learning process. This will facilitate him to devise his own strategies of teaching. The Teacher is expected to be an effective communicator. The most effective and extensively used method of teaching continues to be lecture method. There are several limitations with this method and they need to be understood by the teacher to make it effective. The experiences of great educationists like Amrik Singh, Babatosh Datta, Suresh C> Goel, with their teaching and research career are illuminating and inspiring to young teachers. The policies of higher education have been changing and the UGC is introducing a number of schemes that help strengthen higher education including NAAC. The knowledge about value education and assessment of classroom performance are inevitable inputs for a teacher. The problems like poverty, gender sensitivity, etc. are part of the general awareness of a teacher. A modern teacher is expected to know the reference skills and the sources of information through the use of internet. All the above inputs are systematically analysed in the research articles written by scholar teachers in the 21 papers included in the book. The book is a compulsory reading material for every teacher who want to improve his performance as an effective teacher. It can be used as reference book for students and scholars of Education and participants orientation courses.